Certified Ethical Hacker in Dubai

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Our CEH certification in Dubai will make you proficient in –

  • Exhibiting a comprehensive understanding of attack vendors.
  • Conducting network scanning important for the identification of live and vulnerable machines present in the network.
  • Conducting user enumeration, service, and OS banner grabbing.
  • Conducting steganography, steganalysis, cover tracks, and system hacking.
  • Spotting and utilizing malware, viruses, and computer worms for exploiting systems.
  • Conducting packet sniffing.
  • Executing several web application & web server attacks, such as XSS directory traversal, parameter tampering, etc.
  • Conducting SQL injection attacks.
  • Conducting plenty of cryptography attacks.
  • Executing vulnerability analysis important for the identification of security loopholes that could be used for targeting the organization’s end systems, network, communication, etc.

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Why Take Up an Online Course?

  • Study from your home or office
  • Assistance for reputed trainers
  • Get study material online
  • Access online lab for 6 months
  • Exam validity of 1 year
  • Receive remote proctoring service

Know Dubai

  •          In 1971, Dubai became a part of the seven Emirates (states) that is known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Listed among the fastest-growing economies across the globe, Dubai is bound to be a hot spot for several creative industries, which makes it a center for most big corporate. Situated between Asia and Europe, Dubai has direct flight links to most of the big cities, making it an accessible and ideal location for conducting important business.

  •         The year 2019 has been a difficult one for Dubai because of the reports of cyber attacks against many private sector organizations and government. 200+ cases have been reported in the span of eight months. Due to this reason, the demand for ethical hackers has risen tremendously for carrying out multiple operations in Dubai.

How Can You Become a Professional Ethical Hacker?

When you join an educational program on certified ethical hacker in Dubai, you will be studying about the tools, mechanism, and mindset of hackers as well as penetration testers for learning different ways to correct, triage, and recognize vulnerabilities that are currently present in the computer software and networks. This skill helps employees who hold important job roles like risk controller, network defender, quality assurance tester, software developer, legal, and management. Besides, an ethical hacking course can also benefit people who wish to take up new roles that demonstrate these skills that are valued in their company. Businesses require employees are efficient in this skill set to allow essential data and documents to be protected against malicious activities.

The introduction of new regulations has made it extremely important for companies to make sure that their software and networks do not have room for vulnerabilities. As an ethical hacker, you can perform many job functions in your firm. Governments are hiring ethical hackers to can detect national security breaches and terrorist activities to fight against them. Having a computer system that prevents malicious hackers from accessing essential data, governments, and businesses could be at an advantage. Thus, as an ethical hacker, you will be setting foot into a booming industry.

Ethical Hackers – Job Opportunities

Upon completing an ethical hacking training course, candidates can get jobs like information security analyst, certified ethical hacker, computing, security consultant in networking, ethical hacker, security analyst, information security manager, IT, penetration tester, etc.