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Advantages of Ethical Hacking

The main advantage of ethical hacking is to avert data from being misused or stolen during any malicious attack.

Get to Learn Online

The course is live, instructor-led, and available online. Therefore, you can connect with the live instructor while attending the course from any part of the world using an internet connection.

Learn from World-Class Trainers

This course allows you to learn online from instructors who are experts in their fields. You will also get to collaborate with the top-notch info security professionals.

Get to Master Your Skill

This course will provide an “in-person” training that lets you collaborate with peers in order to gain real-world skills while you are conveniently situated in your backyard.

Get Online Lab Access for Six Months

This course offers you an online lab pass for six months, where you can access online penetration testing labs and VHL Penetration testing courseware.

Enhance Your Skills Without Having to Let Go of Your Couch!

With certified EC-Council instructors, students can avail the best online training at a competitive price while sitting at the comfort of their office or home. In the past 5 years, we have managed to train more than 1000 students online while helping our clients reach their objectives.


“Think Like a Hacker to Beat One!”

Certified Ethical Hacker Program

Our Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program is considered to be the most comprehensive course on ethical hacking that is designed to assist information security professionals to understand the fundamental aspects of ethical hacking. By the end of the course, you will be a professional who can systematically attempt to examine network infrastructures for finding security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers, with the owner’s consent.

The CEH course is known to be the highest-ranking information security training program that any information security professional wishes to enroll in. If you wish to become an expert in hacking technologies, you will have to become a hacker —however, an ethical one.

Through this CEH certification, you will learn about various advanced hacking techniques and tools that can be used by information security professionals and hackers to break inside an organization.

Details about the Exam –

  • Test Duration – 4 Hours
  • Test Delivery – VUE, ECC EXAM
  • Number of Total Questions – 125
  • Test Format – Multiple Choice
  • Exam Prefix – 312-50 (VUE), 312-50 (ECC EXAM)

Who Will Be Benefiting?

Upon completion of the Ethical Hacking Online Training, you will be able to apply for roles like penetration tester, information security manager, IT, computing, security consultant in networking, ethical hacker, security analyst, certified ethical hacker, information security analyst, etc.

  • Network Infrastructure 
  • Security Professionals  
  • Firewall Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Auditors
  • Security Officers

What Students Will Learn in the CEH Training

  • Key issues affecting the incident management process, penetration testing, and information security world.
  • Various kinds of countermeasures, footprinting tools, and footprinting.
  • Scanning countermeasures and network scanning techniques
  • Enumeration countermeasures and enumeration techniques
  • Covering tracks, steganalysis attacks, steganography, and system hacking methodology
  • Different kinds of Trojans, trojan countermeasures, and Trojan analysis
  • Working of viruses, computer worms, malware analysis procedure, virus analysis, and countermeasures
  • Ways to defend against sniffing and packet sniffing techniques
  • Identity theft, social engineering countermeasures, and social engineering techniques
  • Botnets, DoS/DDoS countermeasures, DDoS attack tools, and DoS/DDoS attack techniques

The mobile platform attack vector, windows phone 8 vulnerabilities, jailbreaking iOS, and android vulnerabilities

Session hijacking countermeasures and techniques

Firewall, evasion tools, countermeasures, IDS, and honeypot evasion techniques

Several cloud computing threats, tools, security techniques, attacks, and concepts.

Different kinds of cryptography ciphers, cryptography attacks, cryptanalysis tools, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Various types of penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing roadmap, and security audit

DoS/DDoS attack techniques, DoS/DDoS countermeasures, DDoS attack tools, and botnets

Session hijacking countermeasures and techniques

Different kinds of attack methodology, web server attacks, and countermeasures

System hacking methodology, covering tracks, steganalysis stacks, and steganography

Different kinds of web application attacks, countermeasures, and web application hacking methodology

SQL injection detection tools and injection attacks




ECIH Is A Comprehensive Specialist-Level Program That Imparts Knowledge And Skills That Organizations Need To Effectively Handle Post-Breach Consequences By Reducing The Impact Of The Incident, From Both A Financial And A Reputational Perspective.



The Certified Network Defender (CND) Certification Program Focuses On Creating Network Administrators Who Are Trained On Protecting, Detecting And Responding To The Threats On The Network.


The ECSA Program Offers Seamless Learning Progress, Continuing Where The CEH Program Left Off.

Unlike Most Other Pen-Testing Programs That Only Follow A Generic Kill Chain Methodology; The ECSA Presents A Set Of Distinguishable Comprehensive Methodologies That Are Able To Cover Different Pentesting Requirements Across Different Verticals.

Our Schedule

New Batch Starting From 24th Aug 2020
Course NameDateMonthTime-IST
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)04/27-05/01April12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)05/18-05/22May12:30-20:30 hrs
ECIH-(EC-Council Certified Incident Handler)05/18-05/20May12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)06/22-06/26June12:30-20:30 hrs
CND-(Certified Network Defender)06/22-06/26June12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)07/27-07/31July12:30-20:30 hrs
ECIH-(EC-Council Certified Incident Handler)07/27-07/29July12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)08/24-08/28August12:30-20:30 hrs
ECSA-(EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)08/24-08/28August12:30-20:30 hrs
ECSA-(EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)09/21-09/25September12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)09/21-09/25September12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)10/19-10/23October12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)11/23-11/27November12:30-20:30 hrs
CEH- (Certified Ethical Hacker)12/14-12/18December12:30-20:30 hrs

Online Training From EC-Council's Master Trainers


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