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Which are the Top Cybersecurity Certifications to improve your Cloud Security?

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Businesses are taking a proactive approach to reduce vulnerability to cyber attacks, struggling to recruit and train IT security or cybersecurity professionals. More specifically, many organizations and IT professionals are reinforcing their knowledge through certifications. Many of these certifications enhance the expertise and reputation of any IT professional.

The cybersecurity certifications, both network, and web guarantee us eternal security of all the information, of the services we offer to the clients, and an image of responsibility towards our clients. These top cybersecurity certifications grant high confidence to clients since they will know that behind it is a company specialized in Cybersecurity that supports the actions between both parties, thus giving high prestige as a business entity that takes care of data security and customer transactions.

Check these top 5 cybersecurity certifications:

CEH: CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is the official ethical hacking certification for the people who provide legal hacking services to IT companies and government organizations in order to find out any weakness in their security system. The Ethical Hacker is the person who carries out network and / or system intrusion attempts using the same methods as a computer criminal. The most crucial difference is that Ethical Hacker is authorized to carry out tests on the systems he attacks. The objective of this certification is to acquire practical knowledge about current security systems to become an ethical hacking professional. CEH training is legitimately provided by the EC-Council, which also provides Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) training and LPT (License penetration Tester) programs.

CompTIA: The CompTIA Security certification demonstrates that an IT expert has the skills to secure a corporate network and deter hackers. Given the vast amount of corporate data stored in global businesses, adopting effective security practices is critical. The concepts covered include the essential principles for network security and risk management, as established by CompTIA. CompTIA Security is worldwide recognized as the standard for securing data stored and transmitted on any network. Securiity+ certificate is known as one of the most popular CompTIA Exams. The value of this certification is high on the global level.

CISSP: The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) qualification is nowadays known as one of the most prominent specialized computer security endorsements all over the globe. People who embrace it need to clear a challenging exam and simultaneously have to give evidence by showing their skills of years of knowledge and practice in the IT Security, together with upholding an everlasting certified training program. This certification is generally for senior management people who are chief security or IT directors.

CISM: The CISM certification reflects the cybersecurity practices internationally and recognizes the individual who handles the system and supervises the Cybersecurity of a company. Distinct to other cybersecurity certifications, CISM explains the primary standards of competencies and professional development that an information security director must possess, necessary skills to direct, design, review, and advise an information security program.

CISA: The CISA certification used to previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA. A CISA certification designates those who operate, audit, monitor, and evaluate IT and large business systems. Certification recipients have demonstrated their auditing skills and the ability to assess vulnerabilities, establish controls, and report on compliance within the company.

In any case, choosing a certification or another depends on multiple factors, although what is really important is that it adjusts to your needs and professional profile. When executives treat Cybersecurity as a corporate principle rather than an IT duty, all employees will have a reason to support the cause.


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