5 Certifications to build your IT Career in Network Security

Along with the highly advancement in IT technologies, ethical hacking has turnout to be one of the important part of the process. With passing time, we hear about the phishing, cyber attacks on organizations, and VIPs’ account hacking and all the crimes which can be really dangerous to someone’s career and even whole life. Due to news and incidents like these, common people afraid to use the internet without any concerns. An environment has been created that warns us to not visit anonymous websites and to not put the personal data on the social media sites.

Many attentive people want to provide solution of these cyber crimes so that the perception of “using internet is harmful” can reduce to some extent. So that they choose to pursue ethical hacking courses and get certifications of professional ethical hackers.

So here I am going to discuss about the certifications for ethical hacking which can beneficial for your IT career.

CEH certification from EC-council

CEH certification is the base of the hacking career for any person. It is considered as the most important certification from all and provides first step of professionalism to the person. It is an International certification which is useful worldwide and the reputation of CEH certification is also high. If someone qualifies the exam for CEH certification then it shows that the certified person meets the minimum criteria required to find vulnerabilities and malware in a network.

Offensive Security Certified Professional

It is a new certification which has already made a high status for its toughness and level. The training and exams are practical and the person who is pursuing the certification has to show his skills practically. People who are pursuing this certification gets advanced pen testing training and exams. This course is focused on practical knowledge basically more than the theoretical knowledge.

CCNA certification from Cisco

Certification helps learn from colleagues as the number of specialists who passed Cisco certification, and the Cisco Learning Network community grew together. The community includes almost a million professionals who support each other, help to learn, to learn new things and achieve your IT goals. By becoming a member of the community Cisco Learning Network, you have immediate access to training groups, training videos, peer advice, and valuable information about exams.

CISSP from (ISC)2

CISSP is attracting attention as a global standard certification in the field of information security as the needs of security personnel increase not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an internationally recognized credential, demonstrating that holders of this qualification have a deep knowledge of eight areas of Common Security Knowledge (CBK).

AWS certifications

Nowadays, it’s commonplace to use some kind of cloud service in corporate system. While various cloud vendors are crowded, the industry leader is “Amazon Web Services (AWS)”. It’s been 14 years since AWS launched Amazon S3 in 2006, and it now offers a number of services, but systematic knowledge is essential to mastering them. AWS certifications help to that end. Here’s an overview of the qualifications and an AWS certified cloud practitioner for beginners.