5 Things to do for Starting your Career in Ethical hacking

If you’ve decided to learn hacking from the start, I’ll help you out and congratulate you because it’s a great choice! The field is vast; the basics of hacking are essential in many cyber security-oriented professions, but not only!

There has been a community, a culture shared between programmers and other experts in systems and networks since the very beginning of the Internet. They are also at the origin of the term “hacker” which became popular in the 1980s. Hacking helps solve and help solve problems. And it goes further; hacking is even considered an art and a way of life in its own right: You can create art and beauty with a computer.

Have you decided to go for it? 

This question brings us to one of the most asked questions about hacking: Where do I start? Programming? The network? Cryptography? It is time to take action because to find the information and therefore achieve your goal you have to seek and find it. If you think you are alone then don’t worry, I have here 5things to think about while starting to make career in Ethical Hacking. Let’s go for it.

  1. Understand the types of Hacking

Hacking has come out to be a common method of attack by cyber-criminals. By exploiting human vulnerability, large sums of unfair money can be generated. 

  • Phishing emails: The most well-known form of social hacking is phishing mail. Each one of you may have heard of it. But surprisingly, many people are not aware of the full danger that phishing mails pose. We cannot say it enough: phishing emails are getting better and more difficult to recognize.
  • Fake phone calls: The principle of deception mentioned above can basically be transferred. A cyber-criminal can also deceive your employees with a phone call. As already mentioned, a cyber-criminal often tries to gather information to prepare for an attack. With the right information, he may be able to take advantage of an employee’s trust, curiosity, or even his authority.
  1. Work on your Skills

Making a living from hacking undoubtedly has advantages. Flexible working hours, maximum autonomy, being part of an active community from which you learn a lot and quickly and the potential to earn good money with your skills, to name just a few. A number of skills that are needed to become a successful hacker can be acquired online today. In many cases completely free of charge or at least largely. In addition, a sufficient degree of professional curiosity and motivation are crucial.

  1. Learn Programming and Coding

Programming is a skill that is in high demand in the technology industry. Coder jobs can allow you to work anywhere, wherever you want. All you need is a computer and the internet! Coding is one of the most important skills for working in the modern professional field. Many of the most attractive jobs in new professional fields today are in the field of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. Programming is crucial for both systems. Learning to code is a challenge that pays off quickly. You will be amazed at what you can program with after a short time.

  1. Keep yourself Updated

It is imperative to keep yourself updated in the field of Ethical Hacking, I will tell you next, why? So, as you can see the technology has been emerging day by day and so hackers are. Being an Ethical hacker is really hard because you have to fight in a kind of competition with the black hat hackers and you can’t afford to lose from them. Thus, if any new technology comes in the industry, it always better to keep yourself updated with it, otherwise, your negative counterpart will take the lead.

  1. Get yourself an Authentic Certification

Penetration tests are used on IT systems that require security and offer certified ethical hackers to penetrate networks and computers and to find and remedy security gaps. The CEH certification has received criticism of having higher average preparation costs, only consisting of low-tech examination procedures and having limited technical content within the examination. Without a Certification, no company will allow you to do penetration testing for his network and security.