AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies

Created by  Wattlenet Academy

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This course includes:
  • 3 hrs on-demand video
  • 44 Topics
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Course Description:


This course is a great starting point for preparing for the exam. The whole syllabus in enough detail for you to have a decent understanding of what it all does. 

 Course Objectives:

Once you follow up by Completing the course you should have enough to be ready to sit the exam.

·         Know how to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform

·         Pass the Microsoft AZ-300 Azure Architect Technologies test the first time

·         Understand the main concepts of Azure, beyond the ones you normally us

 Instructor: Wattlenet Academy

Delivery Medium: Instructor-led Live Online

Pre-reqs: None

Duration:  4 Hours/day (1 month)

Course Content

    • Course Introduction
    • Great About Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing Options
    • Creation of a Container
    • Azure Regions and Geos
    • Azure Global Network
    • Cloud Concepts: Availability and Scaling
    • Cloud Concepts: Elasticity, Faults, and Recovery
  • Azure Subscriptions and Resources
    • Subscription and Resources
  • Creat and configuration Of Virtual Machine
    • Virtual machine
    • How to Create VM in Azure
    • Configuration Of VM according to Availability
    • Monitoring of VM
    • Set up of Virtual Machine Scale Sets
    • Dedicated Hosts and Host Groups
    • Assessment
  • PowerShell Azure Module
    • Installing and Updating Powershell
    • Logging in Azure with Powershell
    • Switching to Another Subscription
    • How To Create a Vm in Powershell
    • How to Start and Stop Vm Through PowerShell
  • Automate Deployment Of Virtual Machine
    • How to Deploy and Work in ARM Templates
    • How to Deploy a linux VM using ARM Templates
    • Assessment
  • Virtual Machine
    • Encrypt a Virtual Machine
  • Analyze Resource + Utilization + Consumption
    • Configure diagnostic settings on resources
    • Create baseline for resources
    • Create and test alerts
    • Create and test metrics
    • Create action groups
    • Monitor and manage Azure costs
    • View alerts in Azure Monitor Log Analytics
  • Creation and Configuring of Storage Accounts
    • How to Create Storage Account
    • How to add Storage Account In virtual network
    • How to manage Access key and secure access signature
    • How to use Storage Explorer
    • How to set up the log Analytics for Storage
    • Azure AD Authentication for Storage
    • Configure storage redundancy
    • Preview Feature: Storage Failover
  • Managing Virtual Networking
    • Introduction
    • Public and Private IP Address
    • Routing Traffic on a network
    • Application Security groups
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