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Course Description:

The Introduction to Blockchain fundamentals and development course is essential to understand the origin and fundamentals of this technology and to start your career as a Blockchain architect, IT lead or developer. You will take a comprehensive deep dive in the most popular Blockchain for building Decentralized Application Development: Ethereum.

Course Objectives:

1.            Understanding the fundamentals of Blockchain technology

2.            Measure the benefits and limits of this technology

3.            Learn to design and implement a Blockchain decentralized application

4.            Understand the tools needed to create smart contracts

5.            Write and read secure Solidity code

6.            Understanding of the development and deployment workflow

7.            Understand what’s behind the Token economy and write your first Token smart contract

8.            Better Understand of the Benefits and Disadvantages of Blockchain Technologies

9.            Understand the different architecture models of Blockchain (public, private etc.)

10.          What are use cases for Blockchain?

11.          What does a Blockchain application architecture look like?

12.          How do I design a Blockchain application?

13.          Be aware of security issues and problems

Instructor: Tarek 

Pre-reqs: Basic knowledge in JavaScript

Class requirements: Laptop/PC, wi-fi access, Chrome browser

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Who I am?
    • Ice breaker: draw me a Blockchain
    • Course objectives, materials and structure
  • Genesis and introduction to Blockchain Fundamentals
    • History and genesis (financial crisis, double spending problem etc.)
    • Blockchain vs Database
    • Blockchain ingredients (P2P, Nodes, consensus, blocks, hash and cryptography)
    • Different consensus Mechanisms Explained
    • Blockchain transaction workflow
  • Blockchain 1.0, Bitcoin use case, and limits
    • Introduction to Bitcoin
    • A bitcoin transaction workflow
    • Practical work: exploring the Bitcoin Blockchain
    • Limits of Blockchain 1.0
  • Blockchain 2.0: Ethereum and Smart Contracts
    • Introduction to the Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts
    • Smart contract use cases and benefits
    • Practical work: smart contract use cases ideation
    • Understanding Ethereum Blockchain mechanisms (Ether, Gas, accounts etc.)
    • Practical work: 1st Ethereum transaction through Metamask
    • How to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain
    • Practical work: set-up your first Ethereum nodes
  • Smart contract development
    • Introduction to the smart contract development language and tools
    • Practical work: 1st smart contract with solidty ”Hello World”
    • Development tools & development practice on Ethereum
    • Introduction to smart contract testing
    • Introduction to security within smart contracts
    • Learn how to develop secure smart contracts
    • Practical work: smart contract security audit practice
  • Introduction to Tokens and Token economy (aka “tokenomics”)
    • From smart contracts to tokens & cryptocurrencies… towards a global economy of digital assets
    • Introduction to ICO and DAO
    • Introduction to Ethereum Token Standard (ERC20)
    • Practical work: your first simple Token smart contract
    • Blockchain benefits for Tokens and Token economy
  • Blockchain 3.0: dApps, Architecture and use cases
    • Private blockchains: from theory to practice
    • Blockchain Application Architecture
    • Questions to ask yourself before opting for a Blockchain
    • Questions to ask yourself before designing a Blockchain application
    • Global overview of Blockchain real world implementations of Blockchain
    • Practical work: Blockchain project ideation
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