How do I start a Networking Career?

We very often come across the question of where to start learning technical IT security? The areas related to IT security are extremely developed and require many topics that may affect control and security in the enterprise. In order to learn the basic principles of safe software functioning, it is worth going through basic training and courses related to security in computer networks.

How to start learning about Network security?

Nowadays, according to analyzes, almost 65% of computer attacks are caused by user errors when using the computer infrastructure and the Internet network. Usually, errors result from a lack of knowledge about security in IT networks. Despite the fact that the user efficiently uses the computer software, it does not mean that he is fully aware of the risks posed by, for example, opening a suspicious email or clicking an unknown link in a web browser.

So let's invest in science in the field of network security. To start learning, you can go to courses and training that will be not only short but also perfectly optimized depending on the user's level of advancement. Typically, these courses contain information on how to use the computer and the Internet to avoid virus infection or hacking.

The science of network security in IT is not only training and courses, but also literature that is available to everyone. Thematic books allow you to learn the basic rules related to security when navigating on computer networks and using computer software.

Expanding one's knowledge in the field of IT security is extremely important, especially in the case of employees of public administration services or government organizations, but also banks. Users must have basic knowledge of the functioning of computer systems protecting against spyware and data leaks.

Thanks to this, it is possible to ensure the highest level of personal data protection in enterprises and organizations. Training and training courses in the field of IT security mainly concern the use of web browsers and mailboxes. The knowledge that can be acquired during the courses is not only basic issues but also slightly more advanced issues that may be useful during work.

You must be certified

Having good knowledge in networking or network security is a different thing but if you don’t have any certification, you won’t be counted in the network administrators. There are many certifications available for cyber experts to start their careers in networking and network security. Some of them are mentioned below.

CompTIA Network +

Best for Entry Level cyber experts to gain basic knowledge about network security

Cisco CCNA and CCNP

A full Packed solution for the cyber experts who are looking for making a career in Networking. CCNA is a basic information certification about networking whereas CCNP is for professional cyber experts with at least 5 years of experience in networking.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless

Both Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless are required to coordinate with the other technologies in a business. A networking expert should consider having both certifications to make a career in Networking.

It requires high knowledge and sharp skills to clear the exams and get any of the cyber security or networking certifications. It is better to be prepared.