Is Cyber-security a Good Career?

Cyber-security is a very popular career path. The industry is expanding, and every day new skills are required, and new vacancies are created for qualified specialists. Therefore, if you want to become a cyber-security expert someday, the need to define a career is now inevitable. As a student looking for a lifelong career or aspiring to study Cybersecurity, you should take the first step to developing an interest in the field. The right motivational and innovative career will help you develop the necessary passion that will keep you afloat when you face challenges. This, in turn, can transform you into a more effective problem-solving manager – an invaluable skill in the profession.

The term “cyber immunity” perfectly illustrates our vision of a secure future. In real life, the body’s immune system never provides 100% protection. Viruses and other harmful microorganisms now and then find a way to deceive or even attack her. However, all immune systems have one thing in common: they adapt. So, with the help of vaccination, immunity can be “taught” to resist possible threats. And when the immune system needs help, we can provide it by introducing ready-made antibodies for the virus. The hackers who try to hack the network systems or install the viruses in an organization’s network system are getting more and more advanced, and they also endorse and adopt the latest hacking technologies to be developed. Thus, to defy them, highly skilled and experienced ethical hackers are needed to be made. And, the students from the new generation who want to make a bright future in Cybersecurity then they must follow these steps mentioned below.

If you are thinking about how to start a career in Cybersecurity, here are some ways to do it:

  • Online learning platforms
  • Formal education (college, technical or university education)
  • IT certifications
  • Books and events

Online learning platforms

As a student, it is easy to become a cyber-security expert. It’s a great way to explore cyberspace with a lot of flexibility and control. This way, you can access various online learning tools and also use the online plagiarism checker. You can get the hands-on activities you need to hone your skills and improve your overall performance. This also includes self-study and access to free materials online. In a nutshell, online platforms are the best ways to explore your dream career. Wattlenet Academy is one such emerging online learning provider.

Formal education

You will usually need to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber-security. Typically a minimum of one year of experience in information security or IT with a focus on Cyber-security is required. Various universities and institutes offer these courses as part of a four-year study program. Typically, the skills required of a cyber-security expert include organization, problem-solving, oral and written communication, and analytical skills. In most cases, a good understanding of various aspects may be required. Therefore, it is essential to learn all the skills useful in the industry. You don’t need to rush or miss anything. The fantastic aspect is that you can do it all along with regular training.

IT certifications

As a student, you can choose between an IT degree and a certification in Cyber-security. An IT certification will uniquely increase the competitiveness of your cyber-security skills, and most organizations require an employee to hold a bachelor’s degree. It is also easier to study IT security than it is to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Cyber-security. However, if you want to learn Cyber-security and have the time and all the resources, you can choose both.

Books and events

There are several books you can read if you want to learn how to start a career in Cyber-security. You should be aware of known cyber-security incidents and how to deal with them. Searching for books is more informative and less technical. Information security activities can be an additional tool. Most of the students attend this kind of event from their educational institution and still study on online learning platforms.