Learn Advanced Python

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Course Description:

This workshop is made for programmers who are comfortable with python basics. In this workshop participants will gain hands-on experience on advanced topics of the python through practice sessions and quizzes.

Course Objectives:

In this course you will be working with real-world examples, This is advanced course hence suitable for programmers who want go deep and learn advanced concepts.

Trainer:Kavita Bhatia

Duration:1 day (8 hours)

Class requirements: Laptop/PC, chrome browser, latest version of Python 3

Course Content

  • Advanced Data Structures - Sequences and Set
    • Sequences
    • Set
    • Exercise: Sequences and Set
  • Modules
    • What is module?
    • Use of modules
    • Import statement
    • Global and local module
    • Standard library module
    • User defined modules
    • The dir() Function
    • Exercise: Modules
  • Object oriented programming
    • Creating Classes in Python
    • Classes are Namespaces
    • Working with Instances __dict__, __setitem__(), __getitem__()
    • __getattr__ and __setattr__
    • Constructors
    • Where’s public and private?
    • Self and Instances
    • Class Variables
    • Class Attributes in Instance Methods
    • Classic vs “New Style” Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Using super()
    • Multiple Inheritance
    • Determining Method Resolution Order
    • Search Order in Instances and Hierarchies
    • Abstract Classes
    • Lack of Interfaces
    • Operator Overloading
    • Static and Class Methods
    • Properties __slots__
    • List Comprehensions
    • Exercise: OOPs
  • File and Directory Handling
    • What is File Input output?
    • How to open a file
    • How to close a file
    • Read and write data to a file
    • Pickle Module
    • Directory operations
    • Built-in file and directory handling libraries
    • Exercise: File and Directory Handling
  • Regular Expressions
    • Introduction to regexps
    • Special symbols and characters for RE
    • Metacharacters and Metasymbols
    • Character classes
    • Quantifiers and Positions
    • Searching/Matching a string/pattern
    • Search and replace operations
    • Splitting and joining strings
    • Exercise: Regular Expressions
  • Exception Handling
    • What is an Exception?
    • Run time Exceptions
    • try … except statements
    • Multiple except statements
    • Clean up statement (finally)
    • Raised exceptions
    • User defined exceptions
    • Exercise: Exception Handling
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