Master the JAVA Development

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This course includes:
  • 2 hrs on-demand video
  • 32 Topics
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Course Description:

The course covers Complete Java Development using Object Oriented Concepts.

Class requirements: Internet, Laptop/PC

Duration: 40 Hours

Max Class Size: 30  

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of JAVA
    • Introduction to JAVA
    • Create a Java class
    • Run on CMD
    • Understand the benefits of using an IDE
    • Declare and initialize variables
    • List and understand the different data types
    • Understand the major operators
    • Understand the use of decision making
    • Looping constructs
    • Functions
    • Work with Arrays
    • Types of Arrays
    • String class and methods
    • Understand the use of packages
    • Access specifiers and Access Modifiers
    • What is Constructors
    • Constructor overloading
    • Lambda Expression
    • Object Class
    • Serialization
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Introduction to OOPs Concepts
    • Use inheritance to declare and define a subclass for a superclass
    • This & super keywords
    • Understand Polymorphism concept
    • What is Abstraction and what is it used for?
    • Work with Interface
    • Understand the use of Encapsulation
    • Describe error/exception handling in a Java program
    • Thread & Synchronization
    • Collection Framework
    • Map Framework
    • File Handling/IO
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