Oracle – Database Performance Fine Tuning

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Course Description:

Oracle – Database and SQL Performance Tuning


Course Objectives:

To give good understanding on how to diagnose and fix Oracle database and sql tuning performance issues to have overall better throughput and scalability of system

Trainer – Harmandeep Singh

Max Class Size: 15         Pre-reqs: Oracle archirecture or development knowledge

Duration: 1 day (6 hours)

Class requirements: Laptop/PC, wi-fi access, Chrome browser



Attendees will be able to understand the Database and SQL Performance tuning from practical perspective and then able to do better at jobs and real time systems while triaging real time issues

Course Content

  • Oracle – Database Performance Fine Tuning
    • Introduction to SQL Tuning
    • SQL Performance Methodology
    • Query Optimizer Fundamentals
    • Generating and Displaying Execution Plans
    • Reading Execution Plans
    • Nested loops, Hash joins
    • Instance Tuning
    • Reading AWR reports and Sql traces
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