Python Programming Crash Course

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This course includes:
  • 1 hrs on-demand video
  • 19 Topics
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV


Course Description:

Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language. Acquire the pre-requisite Python skills to move into specific branches - Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

Instructor: Ritwik

Max Class Size: 50            Pre-reqs: None

Duration: 2 day’s workshop (4 hours/day)

Class requirements: Internet, Laptop/PC



 After the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • This course is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before, as well as existing programmers who want to increase their career options by learning Python.
  • You’ll be able to apply in confidence for Python programming jobs. And yes, this applies even if you have never programmed before. With the right skills which you will learn in this course, you can become employable and valuable in the eyes of future employers.

Course Content

  • Core Python
    • Course Introduction
    • Installation and Setup
    • Variables
    • Datatypes
    • Numbers
    • Casting
    • String
    • Operators
    • Program Flow Control
    • Binary and Boolean
    • Looping Constructs
    • List, Range and Tuples
    • Sets and Dictionaries
    • Functions and Lambda
    • Arrays
    • Scope & Modules
    • Dates & Maths
    • Exception Handling
    • File Handling
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