Top Next-Generation Firewall Vendors?

Choose the best next-generation firewall? It is possible, but requires a thorough knowledge of the varieties of NGFW (Next-generation Firewall) technologies available: on the market, in fact, a large variety of configurations arepossible and with different price ranges.Now it’s recommended to use multifunctional devices, inside which all the necessary network and security functions are implemented. Such devices are called NGFW.

In fact, the new generation firewalls are integrated network security platforms, based on a combination of hardware and software developed to detect and block the most recent and sophisticated attacks that cannot be managed with traditional firewalls.

Fortinet Fortigate

Growth in the number of applications, increasing use of hybrid cloud, IoT development, rising threats. Fortinet’s answer is an integrated, automated, platform-independent security platform that integrates cyber intelligence algorithms.

FortiGate security solutions offer advanced firewall technology together with advanced security services multi-threat, in a single platform that allows you to combat any external attacks to the network infrastructure effectively. The FortiGate devices provide complete protection against various types of threats, including which unauthorized access, intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam, and other types of content and network-based attacks.

Palo Alto Networks PA-Series

Next-generation firewall PA-seriesfrom Palo Alto Networks is available today is a new NGFW solution, which is developed to evade cyber attacks and malware in the network backgrounds of Scada and ICS, which congregates performance and consistency requirements necessary to control in odd industrial situations and conditions such as high temperatures, dust, humidity, electromagnetic obstruction.

Jupiter Networks Firewall

New Gen Firewall needs advanced requirements to protect the system from malware, and Jupiter Networks Firewall provides advanced requirements with SRX Series Service Gateways. The SDSN platform helps consolidate the protection of these heterogeneous networks by offering customers an easy way to integrate products and manage security-related operations regardless of the supplier chosen.

Based on automatic rules application techniques, real-time intelligence, and machine learning, SDSN can recognize when and how it is necessary to defend people, data, and infrastructures of an organization, using an open framework that helps simplify management.

Check Point Advanced Firewall

The Check Point security system provides world-leading, highly advanced cyber-attack protection in networks, cloud, and mobile networks. The Infinity Unified Security Architecture is needed to beat today’s fifth-generation mega attacks that attack organizations through multiple vectors and are polymorphic to evade legacy security products. Your network is under constant threat. To ensure this, you need the most advanced firewall protection. Check Point Next Generation’s firewall identifies and controls applications by user and analyzes content to stop threats.

Forcepoint NGFW

The Forcepoint NGFW solution is made up of an SMC (Security Management Center) in charge of the centralized management of the platform, one or several Forcepoint NGFW Engines (Firewalls), and one or more management clients.SMC is the management component of the Forcepoint NGFW system, so you must be installed first and before deploying any NGFW Engine.