What are the requirements to learn AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a full-featured cloud platform provided by Amazon's data centers around the world. It is a service that can be used by other companies based on the infrastructure and applications that Amazon built to operate its own Internet shop.

There are more than 100 services, of which users can use the services they want and the volumes they want. Since it is cloud-based, all the functions required for the system, such as servers, storage, databases, and software, are serviced via the Internet. This allows us to use all the features we need within a service called AWS, without having to have a lot of resources.

With the widespread use of a wide variety of cloud services provided by AWS, it can be said that consideration of cloud utilization is indispensable in modern corporate systems. In addition, in order to utilize AWS more effectively incorporate systems, knowledge, and experience about AWS is required in each system strategy formulation, introduction study, design, implementation, and operation.

Skills required for AWS engineers

In order to work more efficiently as an AWS engineer, there are some skills that you should acquire. As well as knowledge and experience about AWS, knowledge about middleware in the middle of servers, OS, databases, etc., application development, operation technology, etc. are also important.

AWS knowledge and usage experience

As long as you are acting as an AWS engineer, knowledge of AWS, and experience of using cloud systems is essential. In many cases, you can gain experience in using cloud systems in other professions, but there are many differences in AWS knowledge from other cloud-related ones, so you need to study firmly from the basics.

In practice, the optimal configuration depends on the type of data stored in the cloud and the application being developed. The knowledge that can propose the optimum environment will be required according to the preconditions such as whether to prioritize cost or scalability and robustness.

Infrastructure skills such as servers and networks

Building servers and storage account for a large proportion of the work of AWS engineers. On the other hand, you may also be required to have virtual network skills such as Amazon VPC and AWS Direct Connect.

Therefore, in addition to knowledge of infrastructure such as servers, knowledge of communication and networks is also very important. If you have experience working as an infrastructure engineer in an on-premise environment, you will have an advantage in working as an AWS engineer.


In addition to the above, knowledge related to middleware is also essential if the environment is such that a company develops internal business systems and Web applications on AWS. Specifically, if you have OS knowledge and usage experience such as Web server, application server, RDBMS, development language, Linux, you will be able to utilize it in the work of an AWS engineer.

Application development and operation

Although AWS engineers specialize in infrastructure, they are not completely ignorant about the development and operation of applications managed on AWS. It is necessary to prepare the server in the virtual environment after understanding the configuration of Web services and the structure of the system.

If you have experience in Web development and operation as a programmer, you can expect to be fully active in such a field.