Which cloud certification is best 2021?

In the last couple of years, we have experienced the slightly high advancement and development of cloud computing in order to manage data security and information privacy. To this extent of the Advancement of the clouds and cloud computing, this sector has been providing well-paid job offers to deserving, qualified, and tech-loving people. In order to take the benefits of such lucrative jobs, you must be qualified with the well-recognized certifications that come useful.

Having multiple cloud certifications do not only give you a chance of huge earnings, but you get professional and respected job opportunities with high demands. If you want to make a strong career in cloud technology, you must have at least one of these two cloud technology certifications with your immense knowledge.

Here you will know how to choose the right Cloud Certification for your work experience.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been retaining the title of the best cloud computing certification for a long time. It continues to be one of the influential in the cloud computing era. Along with it, AWS has been placing an immense impact on the demand for IT experts with proper and valid qualifications in the sector of AWS technology. AWS itself allows the tech experts to pursue its 12 cloud certifications which cover Basic, Intermediate, Professional, and Specialized difficulty levels of cloud technology certifications.

The AWS Solution Architect certification is one of the most beneficial cloud certifications including AWS professional certifications in it. Before proceeding with this certification, it is also suggested that you must have at least 2 years of working experience with Amazon Web Services, counting design, maintenance, diagnosing, and troubleshooting of the weak points in a cloud system.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that provides over 200 services and applications that allow you to build, test, and implement your own solutions using the provider's infrastructure. Azure offers services such as network, database, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and many more. With ready-to-use tools and extensive configuration options, users can quickly establish secure and scalable IT environments.

It offers SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services via managed data centers of Microsoft. There are essential certifications available for a variety of roles which includes the positions of Administrator, Developer, and Azure Architect. The Main Certification of the Azure Solution Architect is one of the top Azure certifications that give the ability and skills of computing, storage, networking, and the whole ecosystem of Microsoft Azure.

Google Cloud certifications

The Google Certification allows you to attest to your ability to design, planning, management and delivery of solution architectures and cloud infrastructures. It also covers topics such as security and compliance, analysis and optimization of cloud architecture.

Obtaining a Google Cloud certification, thus becoming Google Cloud Certified, is the best tool to demonstrate the possession of the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the design, development, management and supervision of data solutions and application infrastructure on Google Cloud technology.


One year of experience in troubleshooting and implementing solutions using Google Cloud


Three years of complete experience in the design, management and troubleshooting of Google Cloud solutions

Instructors at Wattlenet, thanks to the training paths recommended by Google Cloud, provide you with the best possible preparation to help you pass your certification exam.


Of course, to obtain the above-mentioned certificates, you must go through the entire path of preliminary certificates to acquire the appropriate knowledge, but most of all, the experience is valuable. It is difficult to clearly state which cloud provider to certify in the first place. The three largest players on the market will provide you the immense knowledge and right to become worthy to get a high-status job.

The future of Cloud Computing is even brighter, it just requires experience, qualifications, skills, certifications, and the spirit of learning things.