Which course is best for software development?

Software development is one of the major poles of any IT development company worthy of the name. Whatever the nature of the project, tailor-made software will in many cases is an asset for you and your business.

Modern software development is basically distinguished by two characteristics: object-oriented programming and the separation of the different logical stages at the presentation, application and data access levels. Other quality parameters, such as modularization, versioning and source code documentation, belong to our standard as well as focused project management.

You will know and evaluate the methodologies available for the development of quality software, according to the needs of the company or institutions, which are interested in having programs that streamline their administrative processes for decision-making. There are many courses which are important for Software development, but you have to choose a specific field to make a career in Software Development.

1.       Mobile App Development Course

Mobile application is a software developed for different mobile operating systems (iOS, Android). The mobile application is completely independent of your site, the application has its own individual capabilities and features (using the phone camera for photo/video, push notifications) and the application supports the offline operation.

They are designed to make it easier for users to master certain languages, rules, skills. A private developer can provide users with a solution of the right kind, which is more convenient and efficient compared to what a large company can create.

Of course, there are a large number of other specialized services that allow you to create a mobile application or game.

2.       Web Development Course

WEB-development - the procedure for creating a WEB-application or WEB-site. The main stages of this process are such activities as WEB-design, the layout of site pages, WEB-programming on the server and client-side, as well as work on configuring the WEB-server. designing a WEB application or the site itself, that is, collecting and subsequent analysis of all requirements, developing a technical task, drawing up a project of interfaces; development of a website concept taking into account creativity; development of a design concept for an Internet resource; development of site page layouts.

3.       Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a class of algorithms used in many applications, such as search engines (Google), YouTube, Spotify, Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), spam filtering, medical diagnosis, stock market analysis, etc. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence generally refers to the ability of machines to learn, reason and act independently (for example, by making decisions autonomously in new situations, as a human would do).

Artificial intelligence is an abstract part and is seen as a rather distant field. Artificial intelligence helps us in many of our online and offline activities. From search engines to social networks or to the correct diagnosis, this has an impact often overlooked or taken for granted. 

4.       Data Analytics

Data analysis courses play a key role in decision-making and help organizations to operate more efficiently. In our daily lives, when we have to make a decision or make a choice, we look, involuntarily or not, at our past and what results in we have achieved in situations. To do this, we look through our memories for examples of decisions made or choices made so that we can currently get the best results. Specifically, this process is nothing more than data analysis. What is interesting is that we can approach a problem in this way and for business purposes.

5.       DevOps

The DevOps course aims to teach the aspirants about improving the collaboration between Developers (Dev) and Operations (Ops) to speed up the development of software and make the related processes more efficient.

The DevOps method can be adopted in Enterprise contexts that have an ongoing or projected Digital Transformation path and offer several advantages.

Start your journey with a DevOps for Business Workshop, which will allow you to introduce a Vision DevOps into the company and understand what are the best practices and tools to implement.

The workshop introduces the DevOps methodology and vision, as well as the related benefits that allow you to achieve better Business Results.